Monday, November 06, 2006

a new addict (or knitting evangelism)

Folks, let's have a warm welcome for our newest member Stefanie!

Stefanie is my German sister in Toronto (meine schwester for those of us keeping track), one of the close chosen members of what I like to call my "urban family". A little over a week ago I was having one of my far too infrequent phone chats with Steffi, when she started in, almost shyly: "I was waiting for my BF to finish at work the other day and there was a yarn shop, and I thought of you, and they had such pretty things...". My ears perked up. It sounded as though perhaps she had heard the Call. She continued, "the shop closed, but I went into a toyshop and they had a children's learn-to-knit kit and..."

I couldn't handle it and jumped in "Steffi, are you saying you want to learn to knit??? Because I can help you with that!" And another knitter was born.

We planned a weekend, a trip to Toronto (for me) so we could get started properly. Stefanie is a very crafty girl already (you would die to see her lovely first-ever mosaic piece, and she's a wonderful potter), so I knew I had to set her up right. I knew we had to go straight to mecca. It had to be Romni. (I can't wait to show her my other favourites, but we had to start somewhere!)

I tried to warn her, but you should have seen her face when we went in. Overwhelmed and excited all at once, eyes like saucers looking around, we spent over 2 tactile hours exploring. Stef's going to be a great knitter; she went straight for the cashmere (you know, those Handmaiden bin stacks, front right near the counter), and never looked back. Couldn't have pried it out of her hands for anything. (wouldn't have tried) I explained the concept of stash and she went BACK to the cashmere for another skein. This girl is a natural. Let's just say she took home a substantial amount of Handmaiden, and enough Luxury Alpaca in three colours to make a beautiful scarf. And artistic being that she is, she was already conceptualizing all the possibilities for how to combine stitches and colours to make something truly unique.

While at Romni we planned to meet up with Jen, too. She has already completed her first two scarves, and figured out how to cast off on her own! She needed a new project. Not to be outdone, she picked up some gorgeous deep green merino (I missed the label... not sure which kind), and is already designing something of a scarf/hood/shawl in her head, to replicate a favourite old garment that she can't seem to replace. See, ready to conquer...

After more than 2 hours in Romni, we three enjoyed a well-deserved coffee, corralled their men and met for a fantastic thai dinner (during which both of their guys were forced to fondle the day's spoils appreciatively... training begins early!). Then after a few drinks, Steffi and I went back to her place to learn to knit.

Yes, you read that right, we learned to knit after a few drinks. Stef is hardcore!!!

It was a lot of laughs, as is everything with this girl, and as she counted to herself in German, I got silly and started giving instructions auf Deutsch, and in spite of my language skills, I think we figured it all out. She has been gifted with the Knitting Rules, and as with Jen, I am certain she will be conquering the world in wool in no time.

And for extra fun... Stef's BF has ALSO expressed an interest in learning to knit!
Give me time, just give me time!!!

Tomorrow: my personal yarn porn from the day at Romni.


At 10:17 p.m., Blogger Renee said...

Sounds like fun! I love it when another one converts.

Hmmm, my invite to Romni must have gotten lost in the mail - kidding!

At 8:46 a.m., Anonymous Eve said...

There's something about German that makes you flip into it when you're drunk. My beau always gets a kick out of it.

At 11:25 a.m., Blogger allegra918 said...

Wow, your own personal quest to get the world knitting is working!! Congrats! I am going to teach a friend of mine here to knit in a few weeks. I am excited... I already turned three people on to it in the Symphony. I went and pet Handmaiden Sea Silk (?) yarn yesterday. The one shop here that has it didn't have a good selection. Next time I am in Kitchener visiting my mom I will have to check out Romni!!

At 12:02 p.m., Blogger stitch-dom said...

Miss "Queen Enabler" Ewe -- our evil knitting hoarde continues to cast on new converts. Spread the message far and wide. Spread the message about the redeeming value of alpaca and be saved by repeating the following prayer to the knitting goddess (aka the Harlot): "swatch, swatch, swatch" ...

At 5:09 p.m., Blogger sue said...

Isnt it great when one of your friends gets the obsession just like you. Wish I could convert some of my friends too.


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