Monday, January 08, 2007

vacation recap

Sigh. So, this is Christmas. Holidays all over, I am poised to receive the little monsters -- uh, munchkins -- who return in but a few hours. (Y'all know that in addition to performing, I also teach violin lessons chez moi, yes?)

It's been a while since I've posted, and there's lots to talk about. First a couple of FO, very fetching indeed, the perfect small and portable project to carry around visiting, and completed over the holidays.

We'll talk more about my serious startitis next post. There are many new things on the needles. Many. New. Things.

There was some fun boxing day shopping. Much cash was spent, much fun was had. Romni had 25% off EVERYTHING, and Lettuce Knit had 30% off all yarns. Yes, it's true. I cannot tell you how much fun I had in the LINE UP outside Romni, 45 minutes before it opened, coffee in hand, frantic knitters with "that look" in their eyes, fingering each other's knitted garments, and sizing up who they would have to race where in order to get enough of that precious yarn for which they came. But in a nice way. Really. We knitters are the best.

Here's a little sample of a random boxing day impulse purchase:

There will be a forthcoming sweater planned around these buttons, methinks.

Also a super holiday treat, the meeting of Renee, aka Froggie Meanie. I was having lunch with my folks in her town, across the road from her LYS. Knowing full well that I was DEFINITELY going to visit the shop, and that I could NEVER get away with blogging about a visit to Main Street Yarns without catching hell from my favourite online knitting Newf, I sent her an e-mail. I knew she was in the store when I heard the sales lady say "Hello, Claire!", followed by an enthusiastic little voice, obviously familiar with the shop and its rituals. It was really great to meet Renee, Claire, and Jillian, and you would not believe how amazingly well-behaved these kidlets are, particularly considering that Renee RIPPED them from slumber to come down to the shop upon receiving my e-mail! (just kidding! I'm really glad I managed to beat out nap-time!)

As for Renee, she is as fabulous in person as she is online. Funny, charming, cool, fun to be around, fun to chat with, and a fabulous mom to boot! Someone I definitely hope to get to know better in the future! Plus, I was really glad she went to all the effort to get the girlies together to come out and meet up!

So, once back at my apartment, my plan was to re-organize (who am I kidding -- ORGANIZE for the first time!) the stash. I am putting myself on a pretty strict yarn embargo for the next few months. I received a few gift certificates for Christmas, which I am saving for those moments (I know they're coming!) when I simply must. have. new. yarn. But in an effort to save some money, I am not spending any money on yarn until at least the March Break. (I would say the end of March, but if I go on a cool roadtrip for March Break, I want to be able to enjoy it a little!). I also feel compelled to add that this is not about space, because I live alone, and have no specific problem with sharing my home with lots of yarn. But I am trying to save a bit of money (for future projects, life goals, and so on), and this is how.

Two caveats: I WILL however be purchasing yarn for my Cardi for Kate from the Ram Wools anniversary sale, because a) it is a Christmas present from my mom, and b) I promised myself a sweater this season, and I don't have enough of anything in the stash to make one. I am also "permitted" to purchase whatever needles/tools I am lacking to make whatever I decide to make from the stash. Fair's fair.

Anyway, I thought if I could see what I already have, I would be inspired to knit from it, and wow, am I ever. I DID count, and though I'm not going to post totals like Anny, I will show you a picture. (ETA: blogger is now misbehaving and won't let me. I swear. Stash photo, coming soon...)


At 2:27 p.m., Blogger Renee said...

You are too kind.

Next time I say we steep ourselves in yarn and have a real good time!

At 4:57 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I'm very jealous of all the yarn stores that seem to exist over your way!

At 9:12 p.m., Blogger Violiknit said...

Your fetchings look great, and those doggie buttons are adorable! I'm also trying not to buy new yarn, but it's so hard to overcome the temptation!!!


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