Thursday, December 14, 2006


EEEK. I have been reading panicked blog entries for days, but it only hit me yesterday.

Christmas is really soon.

That frantic feeling only just began. Somehow I missed it, up until now. I think because I have been away from my apartment for so long (working - and I'm not back yet...) I lost track of the date. Today is the 14th. The FOURTEENTH. That's really just 10 days til Christmas, if you factor in that I cannot reasonably expect to accomplish anything on the 24th. (Reason will depart as the date approaches, but today I'll be reasonable.) There's still the knitting, the baking, and of course, the Christmas spirit, which I am wholly without.

I'm done the Paris Night scarf, except for casting off. I'm saving the cast-off because I am in the middle of a Paris Night hat in the same stitch pattern. If I run out of yarn before the crown, I will rip back a bit of scarf, and if I have lots left, I'll add more length to the scarf, so as not to waste an inch of that beautiful Malabrigo. Can I just tell you? Although I am aware it's incredibly simple, it makes me feel clever and talented to have been able to invent a hat on the fly. I know, simple, no great feat. But still. Pictures coming soon.

The only other thing I must knit before Christmas is a cowl, but I'm thinking of changing yarns for something bulkier. Right now I've got Misti Alpaca worsted on deck, but this stuff seems thinner than worsted to me (anyone else?). I think I'll pick up something chunky-ish on the weekend so I can do this a little more efficiently, or else see if I can find another skein of the same and double it.

As for the Christmas spirit, I just can't get it. I do not feel festive this year. I think it's 1 part the weather (not at all wintery), and 7 parts my single status. Christmas is a time for people with love in their lives. Yeah, yeah, there's family and friends and everything, but there's no mistletoe kissing for me, no one to plan a special surprise for, no one to anticipate a special surprise from. On the other side of the coin, I suppose there's no fighting over which meal will be eaten at whose mother's house, and whether or not he was flirting with that girl at the office Christmas party. Still, it's a lonely season when you're a party of one.

I am knitting like a fiend, and I am crafting for the kids I teach, I've given to charity, and I'm almost done Christmas shopping. I even bought a new Christmas CD. It's not working. Any ideas for me?


At 4:40 p.m., Blogger Carol said...

Nope, no ideas here either. I too am feeling rather blah about the whole Christmas thing. And I do have a hubby and a sister and a MIL....still feel blech about Christmas.

At 11:36 a.m., Blogger stitch-dom said...

Its hard to get into the spirit when that special someone isn't there. My suggestion is to make Christmas your own somehow...or celebrate boxing day instead at your LYS -- making Christmas Day actually Boxing-Day-Yarn-Blowout Eve.

At 11:03 p.m., Blogger Heather said...

The Charlie Brown christmas movie? The Rudolph one?

I'm not feeing terribly Christmas-y either, I'm afraid.

At 11:25 a.m., Blogger Violiknit said...

It's hard to concentrate on cultivating the holiday spirit when all you can feel is the stress of holiday shopping (and knitting). I can't wait to see this matching Paris Night Hat; the set will undoubtedly look incredible! I definitely understand that never-home-because-I'm-working feeling! How cool that you get to do a Charpentier mass; that's one I've never done. (p.s. I joined that webring for Musicians who knit and crochet; I never would've known about it had I not seen it on your blog - thank you!)


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