Monday, May 07, 2007

ol' 55

I love Tom Waits.
But that number... not so much right now.

This is not the news we were hoping for. The weigh scale at my local grocery store indicated 55g, including the ziploc baggy I had it on. I have some doubts about the precision of this scale too (it told me that the ziploc baggy alone weighed 5g, and I DO NOT buy that), but I think it's clear that I do not have enough to make socks of a matching size.

Thanks for all the finger-crossing. Oh, and if you happen to get to LK before me this week, try not to buy my colour of Sea Wool... I really need it.


At 9:02 p.m., Blogger Renee said...

Maybe the post office would give different results. Maybe? Maybe? Maybe?

At 11:09 p.m., Blogger Emma said...

What about picking out the cuff and doing BOTH cuffs in a different colourway?

At 9:03 a.m., Anonymous Josie said...

Oh, it's so sad when bad things happen to good socks. And the first sock looks so pretty, too!


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