Thursday, June 01, 2006

yes, I've been knitting too

Not just buying stash, I have actually been knitting this week too.

Finished knitting the One Skein silk sleeves about a week ago(photo to be added... computer issues should be resolved tomorrow!). Note, I said KNITTING. The sewing up, not so much. Each arm is 28" of cobweb fluff and NO FUN to sew up. I should have knit them in the round. I keep putting them off, but will try to do at least one arm tomorrow when I have good natural light. (It's raining today -- yeah, that's my excuse!)

Spent most of Tuesday tinking back of shrug-sleeve 2, after finding random acts of ribbing-error. Never knit sleepy. Spent yesterday re-knitting what was lost, and then some. I hope I can finish this one up quickly, because I'd like to be knitting socks by solstice. The pace of life has calmed somewhat, so I hope to have more knit-time.


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