Monday, May 22, 2006

I think I can fly...

Does anyone know for sure whether or not knitting needles are allowed on airplanes again? I know there were some serious issues with security immediately following 9-11, and many a threatening granny was denied entry with her arsenal of hooks and needles... but I did read on Harlot that she was knitting while touring. So can I, or can't I?

I am flying on WestJet on Wednesday morning, and of course, I want to bring some knitting. I've checked their guidelines, and can't find anything that says no, but I wonder... does anyone have any recent experience with this? Thanks!


At 8:01 p.m., Blogger LisaBe said...

check the transportation security administration's web site ( they're the ones who determine the overall rules for these things, and they actually have a special page specifically about knitting. click "travelers and consumers," then "air travel," then "transporting special items." you'll see the link to "knitting needles, needlepoint & sewing" there. the bottom line is that ultimately it's up to the individual screener what gets through (meaning, they could still confiscate something the tsa permits), but that the tsa currently allows circular needles shorter than 31" long, recommends nonmetal needles, blunt-pointed scissors, and that you bring some way to mail your tools home in case the screener doesn't permit it (and some scrap yarn on which to save your work).
looks like they do NOT permit circular thread cutters, officially, despite what i've been told numerous times by many retailers (and despite the fact that i took one on my last trip).
i've never had needles of any length or material confiscated, only some of those little folding scissors.
i have been hassled by a fellow passenger, though. infuriated that i was allowed to bring knitting needles when he wasn't allowed to bring nail clippers. i pointed out to him that his bic stic ball-point pen was far more dangerous than my size seven bamboo double-points, which would impale my own hand before i could possibly hurt anyone else with them (hello, physics, anyone?). he didn't really care. ;)

At 10:48 p.m., Blogger miss ewe said...

Thanks, Lisa. I checked there, then remembered that I'm Canadian (momentary slip), and checked CATSA's rules.
CATSA is less specific. In a chart of "sharp objects" they list simply "knitting needles" with a happy green "YES" indicated in the columns for carry on and checked baggage. That ought to do it, but just in case I'll bring something to ship them home.
Maybe this is one of those times that Gladys' BBQ skewers would come in handy??? (see BBQ knitting, May 16)

At 11:47 a.m., Blogger stitch-dom said...

I'd recommend printing off the CATSA web page so you can wave it at the security guy/gals if necessary!

I am coveting your Fleece Artist btw...I've become such a junkie that I identified it before reading your post!

Where are you jetting off to now?


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