Friday, April 28, 2006

bad news

I'm going to Winnipeg on business this weekend, home of Ram Wools. THE Ram Wools. The gorgeous catalogue. That's not the bad news part.
I will be arriving in Winnipeg bright and early on Sunday morning, with no commitments for the day, all the time in the world for yarn shopping. (speaking of yarn shopping, did you all get a load of Steph's WEBS experience??? Yarn shopping with grocery carts... :drool:). I am unable to escape my original business purpose all day Monday, then I will re-board a plane and head for home. Now the bad news: Ram Wools is closed on Sundays. I'm going all the way to Winnipeg, and I will miss their business hours... But I will try to track down other shops, open on Sundays, and report back.

In other news, my computer is still ailing though --thanks to a tech savvy friend-- on the road to recovery. And I've taken up beading. Well, just for stitch markers. When I am properly online again I'll post some pictures.


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