Tuesday, April 25, 2006

the taxman cometh...

So, I finally got Stephanie's new book in my mailbox! Hurrah! It is keeping me sane, but I'm almost through it now, so I'm going to need a new fix.
In other, much less good news, my computer has died. (I'm blogging this from DBFs computer.) In even worse news, when it died, it swallowed my freshly completed taxes before they could be printed or sent or anything. No, I had not yet backed them up. The plan was complete taxes, then back up system. The computer beat me to the punch by moments.
[For anyone else who is self-employed, you will feel the pain along with me. I had just finished sorting through my "system" (okay, system is an overstatement this year -- many grocery bags full of thousands of tiny receipts does not qualify as a system exactly), carefully entering the numbers into categories on the computer, and had not felt compelled to keep track of those numbers out in the real world. Ungh. Back to the calculator.]
So I re-did it all. During my knitting and practicing time. Sigh. I need a latte, just thinking about it. (say, do you think that's deductible for sanity's sake?)

Later: Nothing like a little touch therapy to make you feel better. As a reward for doing my taxes TWICE, I am the proud new owner of One Skein of malabrigo in Lime blue.


At 2:13 p.m., Blogger stitch-dom said...

Oh man...my heart goes out to you. I hate taxes, and mine aren't even all that complicated!

I saw some malabrigo at the store where I bought my wheel and nearly swooned after some fondling. Good choice! Go home and wave it at your computer and tell it how much more you love your yarn. See if you can get it jealous enough to get its act together.


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