Monday, May 08, 2006

the week in review

I've been to Winnipeg and back. I made it to mecca while there... for those of us who aren't Canadian, that's Ram Wools. I had to take a bus-cab combo to get there (and the longest bus ride ever to get to the airport after spending cab-fare on wool), but it was worth it. Walking in I thought I might have a stroke. ::drool:: The first thing I saw was the wall of Rowan, and then I saw the prices (sooooo good), that it was hard to move away from the Rowan wall. I managed to walk through the entire store (I only had about 30 minutes), and chose a few SUPER deals from the clearance wall. YES, they have a clearance wall. And a discontinued colors area. I managed to escape with only some Jo Sharp Mohair and some Gedifra Kid Royal. I was a little restricted by time and luggage limitations, and also by the fact that I still have to pay for the airfare when the Mastercard statement comes in.

I visited my mom this weekend for a birthday gathering (Happy Birthday Richard!!!). And the Michaels where she lives is renovating, so there's quite a sale on. I got some cute, cute wooden buttons (will likely end up on adorable little girl purses at some point). I got some ribbon yarn (that my mom picked out, hinting for a scarf) for next to nothing, and some Lion Brand Thick'n'Quick to make a shrug.

In knitting news, I am NEARLY done my first shrug sleeve. We're talking moments away. Then I have to cast on and do it all again. I can't wait for the second sleeve to be done, because I think knitting up the neck (the home stretch) will be fun.

My computer is still not quite operational (which is why there are no pictures) :(
But I'm told soon... soon...

Last but not least, my copy of One Skein arrived today!!! I haven't opened it yet; must do some work first, or the whole day will be lost to languishing on the couch with knitting and new book. Sounds a bit too good...


At 3:26 p.m., Blogger stitch-dom said...

Two things...
1. I'm jealous!
2. Ram Wools!!!!! (Imagine something like Homer Simpson saying "bayyyy-con!" and drooling with his tongue lolling out.

I never thought I'd type this in my whole life: I wanna go to Winnipeg too!


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