Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ode to Lettuce Knit - my fantasy fibre weekend (but it really happened)

How do I begin? I was blown away. I went twice in two days...
First of all, Lettuce Knit is located in cool and trendy Kensington Market, and I had the BEST parking luck on a Friday afternoon -- right in front of the door (perfect for toting many heavy packages out to car).

Walking in I was struck immediately by a couple of things:
1. the CRAZY, fabulous, delicious, holy-cow, overwhelming, how-will-I-ever-choose-just-a-few-things-I-can-(almost)-afford, I've-only-heard-of-some-of-these-yarns, sensory overload, spectacular range of color, texture and fibre.
2. the tinyness of this little treasure, considering number 1. I can't even find words--- just go there if you can. I hear they also have mail order. It's wonderful.

I actually had a little bit of a blank-out. Holding such beautiful yarns my mind actually went a little squishy -- I couldn't think straight... what could I knit with this weight? this gauge? So, with a little input from the very knowledgeable Laura, I selected...

4 skeins Alpaca & Silk in a gentle spring green, for my first ever lace effort (Shetland Triangle Shawl in Wrap Style) and a pair of Koigu for the summer of socks.

Then comes my absolute geek geekiest day of all.

Friday night, after my glorious Lettuce Knit experience, I had a horrible nightmare. I was knitting my shawl, my first ever lace project, and I ran out of Alpaca. It was dramatic, to say the least -- in the dream there was a weird chunk missing from an odd place in the shawl, not the way one would knit at all. In any case, the message was clear, and when the knitting goddesses smile on me with a warning, I take heed.
So Saturday, after a long day spent enjoying the One of a Kind Craft Show with my mom, I went back to LK for one more skein of Alpaca & Silk. It was the only reasonable thing to do.

I went directly for the A&S while my mom (who is also a wool-lover: but more for rughooking) browsed. I had coveted some stitch-markers the previous day, and since I defy anyone to pass over the wall of Koigu, I grabbed another pair for socks. (I'm going to have the best dressed feet come autumn!). Then I asked an incredibly friendly Megan about Stephanie's new book. And she told me I'd just missed her. IN THE STORE.

Then I really geeked out. I mean, a whole day of crafty excitement, my second trip to LK in two days, and I almost met the Harlot. Poor Megan - I was absolutely twitching and I'm sure I was a total freak.

But that's not all... it actually gets better. While all this was going on, my mom was maxxing out on adorable with some cute dpn holders and these lamb tape measures by Lantern Moon, and grabbed one for each of us... and then... then.... she INSISTED on buying my stuff for me! My extra skein of A&S, my Koigu, stitch markers, holders and the lambtastic tape measure. Can you believe this day???
Moms are great, especially moms that "get" the whole fibre-geek thing. It was a good day.


At 2:17 p.m., Blogger stitch-dom said...

lol miss ewe - I visited Romni Wools in Toronto the weekend before (couldn't get to Lettuce...but so so so wanted to)...I went in without a plan...and it was a mistake. But talk about sensory overload!!!

As for feeling like an idiot...if I'd just missed the harlot herself I woulda probably turned into a mass of quivering gelatin on the spot. Its a sign of respect...isn't it?

Thanks for visiting my blog btw...and being my first comment!



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