Wednesday, March 29, 2006

WIP -- finally.

Okay, here goes. Nothing too terribly exciting on the needles right now to be honest.
Turtleneck Shrug from Scarf Style (what a good book... join the KAL)
I really wanted to do this one with the Rowan Kid Classic recommended, but trying to find that wool, late in the warm-wool season was tricky. Could have ordered a whole bag for the 4 balls required, but... in the end I went budget, using Patons Classic Wool Merino because of the delicious "tree bark mix" color. I can't wait to have this garment to wear, but at the moment I already feel like I've been 3x3 ribbing forever. And I'm about half done the first sleeve. Yikes.

Yet another tube... here is the first of my "Arm Warmers" in Bravo Crazy Color. I love this yarn, even though it's (say it softly)... acrylic. Just look at the striping! Anyway, I'm a violinist, and climates are variable at many of the rehearsal venues I end up at. I'm a tank-top kind of girl, so the purpose should be clear enough. It's not a pattern... I ribbed for an inch at the top, and will go round and round til it's as long as my arm. Haven't decided yet whether these will have cuffs, rolled edge, or a thumb hole...

And here are a couple for the wall of shame.
First "the ugly scarf". I started calling it that right off the bat, because I'm not a fan of fun-fur. I just thought I'd try, and honestly, doesn't it kind of look like a muppet threw up? (and I say that with love). Michael's had a huge sale on Moda Dea when they stopped carrying it, and the fuzzy stuff threw itself into my basket because the green matched my brand new coat. Then I hated the knitted texture, so I picked up some Sirdar Snuggly in the coat color to sort of flesh it out. I'm still debating the fate of this project.
Last but not least is my (embarassing) LONGEST RUNNING unfinished object. It's been on the needles for just over 3 years now. I enthusiastically started cabling a scarf (what was I thinking), about 2 months into my knitting career, with Patons Kroy Sock yarn (again... brain???), on 3.5mm needles. Adding to the insanity was the fact that someone convinced me to "try" the wibbly flexible needles pictured (bent!) here. They made me nuts. Loco. Absolutely crazy. Unstable... both me and the needles. I was splitting stitches, couldn't aim properly... gave up. I don't think I've touched this in a year and a half, however there is new hope: I recently bought myself a new set of bamboo 3.5s, plus I am currently coveting the wooden cable dpns at KnitPicks, so I may soon be ready to resume... for now I'll stick with my tubes.


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