Thursday, March 30, 2006

Are you an Inny or an Outty?

I recently discovered that not everyone knits in the round the way I do. Since I basically taught myself this technique, it's not all that surprising. But who knew??? I've been knitting inside out. (I mean, I know which way the stitch pattern is facing, but the work goes down the tube on the inside and I reverse it when I'm done.) Up to this point it hasn't had any impact on my creations (that I am aware of...)
So... are you an inny or an outty? And how has it affected your knitting?

Actually, this reminds me of my first sweater. I had been knitting for 6 or 8 months by this point, and finally tackled a child's guernsey. I triumphantly took the pieces to my LYS for supervision of the sewing up, and in the nicest way possible the woman there mentioned that it was beautiful (let's just get that in there first), but there was something "off" about my work. Maybe something in my technique? Since I had been consistent in my, umm, "unique texture" there was no need to panic, but I was mortified. Again, since I taught myself (with the help of Debbie Bliss), it wasn't surprising, but I raced home to my "teacher" to see what the problem was.
Knit: wrap counter-clockwise. Purl: ALSO wrap counter-clockwise. Whoops.

Coming soon: Fritz the wondercat


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