Tuesday, April 18, 2006

In my Easter basket...

Easter weekend meant a trip through Toronto. Yarn capital of this area, no? So I made a quickie little stop at Lettuce Knit to be among the first to caress their new shipment of Socks that Rock, because y'all have been talking so much about this stuff online! It is gorgeous and soft, and they had about a zillion beautiful colorways in stock -- with fabulous names like Rock Star, Fred Flintstone, Farmhouse, Jewel of the Nile... I decided on Rolling Stone. But I carried about 5 different ones around the store before reluctantly choosing only one for the upcoming summer of socks (budget, budget).
Another customer asked Megan which was her favorite. Her response: Ohhh... they're like children. You can't choose favorites.
She's right... theyre all wonderful in a unique way. I expect I'll end up with a few more skeins of this. (Fred Flintstone was hard to put down!)

Next on the whirlwind yarn tour of Toronto, over to Romni. Packed with customers, by the way, all grabbing at things -- there's something about not being able to shop on Friday and Sunday that puts a frenzy on Saturday during Easter weekend. In any case, I mainly wanted to look at their vast book selection, but I have been nosing about for mohair for Misty Garden (also out of Scarf Style).

I love this store. They had several different brands that fit the bill, but I chose the Queensland Collection Soft Comfort Mohair because of the yummy colorway. Should knit up well. Also grabbed a little Eucalan, and a circular to get started on MG.

Also, am almost done first sleeve of Turtleneck Shrug... this much 3x3 rib is killing me. Will post pic when onto next sleeve. Still waiting (im)patiently for Harlot's book to arrive.


At 11:25 a.m., Blogger stitch-dom said...

hey there ... I got a black kittie this week too! omg cute...omg hard on the knitting though. And when the spinning wheel arrives i'm going to have to figure out how to keep him from getting killed.

I loved Romni but it was overwhelming! I wish I lived closer to TO. And I'm very much in love with your Socks that Rock. I've been eyeing their stuff on line but I just can't buy wool online unless its really inexpensive (ala Knit Picks).


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