Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kingston SnB night

Okay, Blogger is still behaving badly so I can't get my WIP pics up right now, but I thought I would mention this here. Back when the Harlot mentioned me, a few Kingston knitters popped out of the woodwork to say hello. Well... come on out and meet in person if you like.

I've encountered 3 or 4 knitters in person out in the world around town, and we're going to try to get together from time to time. Nothing firm, fixed or organized in any real way. No fees, no charitable knitting projects (unless we feel like it), no membership cards. Simple, spontaneous, knit, chat, bitch, moan, share. Whatever. This is when and where we're meeting:

Wednesday, August 16 (that's tomorrow), around 7:30pm, Starbucks at Johnson and Division Streets. Look for us in the comfy chair area to the left of the front door. (If there are non-knitters there when we arrive we will poke them with our pointy sticks until they get the hint)

It'd be great to meet some new knitters.


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