Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bad Blogger

I have been a bad blogger lately. Tonight I'll remedy this. Tomorrow at the latest.

My Secret Pal (8) Heather sent me a wicked final package nearly a month ago, have I blogged it yet? No.
I finished my shrug, but still have to sew in the ends, have I blogged it yet?? Uh-unh.
I started an open work scarf in Kidsilk Haze. Any bloggage? Nope.
And Clapotis is about halfway finished. Looking pretty nice, methinks. And again, nothing for you people to see.

Tonight. Tomorrow at the latest...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

another new knitter...

It's pretty exciting, but I finally got to teach one of my best friends to knit. She's always thought the knitting was beautiful, been a supportive friend of a knitter, and I've offered many times. But a few weeks ago she happened to be with me when I went to Romni, and suddenly... Jennifer came running up to me with a beautiful green shawl, exclaiming "I want to make one of these!!!"
Don't have to ask me twice. We got some supplies, we made a date, we learned to knit. Knitbloggers, meet Jennifer, proud new knitter:

She's doing really well. We're making a little garter scarf, but before long I know she'll be conquering the world in wool.

Also, here is a gratuitous picture of little lambs I saw at the CNE on Labour Day -- very cute. Somehow I thought they kind of knew I was a knitter...